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How many members are in the band?

This band is a full band of up to 12 members however, we can customize from a 5 piece to 12 piece to fit any budget.


Which member do we get upon booking?

The band size can be customized from 2 singers to all four, depending on the size band you book. The main players that may vary are musicians only due to if you hire additional horns, full production team, etc.


Where are you located? 

We perform in the southeast region from Atlanta, Ga and have absolutely NO cancellations on our clients unless weather is in play.


Are there any additional fees to the booking fee?

 We ask for the band meals to be provided and can be any hot meal you prefer. 


Do you Emcee our event?

Absolutely! We emcee every event with our professionally trained Emcee. We also work closely with your planner on the day of to ensure any changes are made smooth and efficient to keep your party the center focus with little to no stress on our couples.


What happens during the band breaks?

The band usually only takes 2 15 minute breaks for a 4 hours set. The great news is, Legacy Band comes with a professional DJ to DJ & Emcee your breaks! Pretty Cool huh!


How is the planning process?

It's super easy! Once you book, you get to complete your planning page and work closely with our booking manager to ensure all of the details to your event is secure and solid. We pride ourselves in making the process of planning a breeze for our clients and that is exactly what we Love to do!


How Do We Book?

Easy! Submit your deposit along with signing your agreement and your date is secure! Or should we say, TIME TO PLAN YOUR LEGACY BAND EXPERIENCE!



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