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We understand how important it is to pay attention to details when it comes to planning the most memorable days of your lives. That is why we have created a process, from the moment you book, to the day after your wedding that ensures you, your family, and friends will be united on the dance floor with lots of laughter, fun, surprises and most importantly, love shared on the most beautiful, unforgettable day of your lives.

Our Process

You are in good hands...Our band coordinators work hand in hand with you on everything from selecting your band size, choosing songs for your first dances, color schemes & so much more! We are committed to treating our couples like celebrities. After all, this is your big day, and we are here to CELEBRATE!


Each Package is a Complete Deal

Each package includes up to 4 hours of performance for reception, full sound system and band equipment for up to 300 guests in one location, an MC to host the program, a complimentary iPod Cocktail Hour, our DJ to DJ band breaks (with customized set list) and a designated wireless mic for guest speeches. And don’t worry, we’ve got all taxes, travel, and performance fees covered.


    We put together the dream team of a 6-piece band including 2 vocalists (male + female), piano, guitar, bass, and drums that is sure to get you and your guests moving on the dance floor!.


  • GOLD 

    Get the best of the SiLVER Package plus more with an 8-piece band that adds another vocalist in the mix for a fuller sound and buttery smooth 3-part harmonies. Then complete the band with a percussionist for some added flavor in the rhythm section to set the perfect mood to any genre.



    The party is about to be poppin’ with this package! Get all the perks of the GOLD Package plus the grandest of sounds with our 12-piece band featuring our Amazing Horns (saxophone, trombone, and trumpet). With a full orchestra or live concert sound, your event is sure to be unforgettable.


All our bands will get you groovin’ to the beat, but sometimes you gotta have some fries with that shake.


 You deserve the grandest entrance. Avoid fiddling through tracks or awkward cuts and transitions by having us help you create a dreamy experience.


During any transition, the last thing you need to worry about is keeping your guests entertained. We provide you with an instrumental band to jazz up the hour so that everything is worth the wait.

More Musicians

Our packages are customized by your needs. You can add musicians on an already existing package to customize your band size.

Unique Idea

Got an idea that you'd love to share? We're listening to your dreams to help make them come true.




We love to make ourselves available, so that our future partners can see the band on Instagram or Facebook LIVE. Whether it's during a showcase, or a personal invite to one of our private events, we can make it happen! 


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